The Starmaker The Starmaker

The Starmaker

(1997; Color; Video; 74 min.)

Set at the Asha Chandra film-acting institute in Bombay, the film is about aspiring actors at the school and about the process and the politics involved in the business of ‘starmaking’ in the Hindi commercial film industry.

Asha Chandra in her own words:
Asha Chandra the Star-Maker, a pioneer of acting schools in India, an Institution in her own right…
In 1983, she opened her own institute. "Ministers, top bureaucrats, businessmen, industrialists, actors/producers and directors called me up to train their children for Bollywood,” she says.
Needless to say, her venture was successful, she made a niche for herself. Prominent producers and directors sought her help. Yes, she was successful. She has everything--affluence as well as the goodwill of all the top producers, directors & actors of the Indian Film Industry…

-- Excerpts from Asha Chandra’s website (



Camera: Alphonse Roy
Sound: Suresh Rajamani
Editing: Vibhuti Nath Jha
Assistant Director: Rochelle Pinto
Researched, produced and directed by Lalit Vachani

A Wide Eye Film, 1997

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